Japan-Taiwan workshop




Dynamics of Akt Pathway in PC12 Cells
Fujita, Kazuhiro (Tokyo Univ., Japan)

Tools and Resources in the varDB Antigenic Variation Sequence Database
Hayes, Nelson (Kyoto Univ., Japan)

Encoding of Visual Information into Neuronal Networks by Spike-Timing Dependent Synaptic Plasticity
Honda, Minoru (Tokyo Univ., Japan)

Origine of the Resilience of Cyanobacterial Circadian Clock
Ito, Hiroshi (Nagoya Univ., Japan)

Reconstruction of Highly Heterogeneous Gene-Content Evolution across the Three Domains of Life
Iwasaki, Wataru (Tokyo Univ., Japan)

Characterization of Linkage Between Restriction Modification Genes with Genome Polymorphism
Kawai, Mikihiko (Tokyo Univ., Japan)

Fast SCB-Grid Layout Algorithm using Sweep Calculation
Kojima, Kaname (Tokyo Univ., Japan)

ActScan: an Image Analysis Tool for Automatic Classification of Mouse Body Fat
Nakahara, Tatsuaki (Tokyo Univ., Japan)

Analysis of Dynamics of Gene Expression by Visualization Method with GFP in Lysine Biosynthesis
Ou, Jianhong (Osaka Univ., Japan)

Effect of Two Rounds of Whole-Genome Duplication on the Adenohypophysis-Mediated Endocrine System in Early Vertebrates
Okada, Kinya (Tokyo Univ., Japan)

Perm: an Efficient Topological Orderings-Based Algorithm for Bayesian Network Structure Learning
Perrier, Eric (Tokyo Univ., Japan)

Computational and Experimental Analysis of Negative Feedback Regulation within MicroRNA Processing Pathway
Watanabe, Yuka (Keio Univ., Japan)

A Simple Way to Compute Protein Dynamics Without A Mechanical Model
Shih, Chien-Hua (National Chiao Tung Univ., Taiwan)

PKNOT: The Protein Knot Web Server
Lai, Yan-Long (National Chiao Tung Univ., Taiwan)

In Silico and In Vitro Analyses of Evolutionary-Conserved Sequence Motif in Primate Genomes of Eosinophil Ribonucleases
Wang, Hsiu-Yu (National Tsing Hua Univ., Taiwan)

Multiple Anchored Block Sequence Alignment Based on Short Consensus Motifs
Chou, Wei-Yao (National Tsing Hua Univ., Taiwan)

A Strategy of Forward and Reverse Engineering Linking the Signaling Network and Genomics Regulatory Responses
Peng, Shih-Chi (National Tsing Hua Univ., Taiwan)

Novel Approach for Protein Structure Comparison Based on Mutual Secondary Structural Elements
Chu, Chia-Han (National Tsing Hua Univ., Taiwan)

Computational Simulation of the Thymidine Triphosphate Levels Throughout the Cell Cycle of Mammalian Cells
Stitnicky, Boris (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)

SVMTOP2: a Comprehensive Web Server for Predicting The Topology of Alpha-Helical Membrane Proteins
Chiu, Hua-Sheng (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)

A Document Classification Strategy to Predict Protein Subcellular Localization Using Sequence Motifs and Evolutionary Information
Chang, Jia-Ming (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)

Identify Eukaryotic Orthology via Transcription Units
Ho, Meng-Ru (National Yang-Ming Univ., Taiwan)

A B-Cell Linear Epitope Prediction System for Low Antigenticity Peptides
Lin, Ya-Chi (National Taiwan Ocean Univ., Taiwan)

Discovery of Metazoan Micrornas with Evolution Conservation
Li, Sung-Chou (National Yang-Ming Univ., Taiwan)



Japan-Taiwan Young Researchers Conference on Computational and Systems Biology
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